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Club History

  • Jack Of All Brews was the brain child of Eric Wentling.  He talked of looking for a brewing club in the Twin Cities SW metro with fellow founding member and back-yard neighbor J.D. Ludford as they often shared their latest brewing concoctions together.  After not having much luck finding a small local club, he thought if they could find enough local home brewers, a new club could be created.  J.D. brought in his friend Mike and Eric found a co-worker, Ty (and Ty had a friend Jim)...there was now enough people to form a club.
  • The first meeting was held at Eric's house on September 15, 2006.  The name "Jack Of All Brews" was suggested by Ty Harrison at the first meeting, and voted on unanimously as the official name of the club.
  • Soon after, Eric registered the name with AHA (American Homebrewers Association), ID#: 000171744
  • Since its humble beginning, Jack Of All Brews has grown by leaps and bounds. We continue to see new members at most meetings and the hobby seems to be exploding in recent years. We now boast members who are BJCP judges, professional brewers, and other industry professionals. Oh, and our members' beer has become so much more incredible than we ever expected back at the start!

  • Jack Of All Brews can be reached at...
  • jackofallbrews@yahoo.com

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